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25 October 2009 @ 12:25 am
asleep alla slepp now told alissa good bye why did she invitethme can;t blame herwh it was a nmitsake i think it's how this works i drank too much god it is a fucking nightmaremaybe i; won't right this.  so tonight mom says hey remenber rember how hester little hess hessie hester when she got mad when she through  a fit  she waold craawl into the storage space under the trailer do you remenber haha it was veruyf unny evryttime Lucia made hester cry she would crawl into the stoage space underneathn  the trailer hoise and her daddy liket o nnevr got her out of it everytime very funny haha all laugh lets' all laugh at hester  hester hey hester hes hey hes hheyhs hester GOD DAMN IT I HAVE NOT BEE N HESTER HESTER FORE 20 YEARS WHY DO THEY KEEP CALLING ME THAT MOM AND DMAD AND GRNAMDA AND GRAMDPA LUCOIA OH YES LUCIA I KNWO WHY SHE CALLS ME HESTER BEUSE SHJE EXICTS ONLY TO MAKE MY LIFE HMISERALS aahfpaul liek paul in high schOOL I'M GOJN NNA MARRY YOU HE TOLD ME WER'E KGOINNA GET MARRIED PAUL AND I ARE ETTIBG MARIIED ANDAND WHEB I ASKED LUCIA ABOUT HIM THGEY BROKE UP AFTER I WENT O COLLEGE and i have to wach i have to keppi g watching her i have to or she;ll ruing it all icant trust menelays and no no ic ant' teust him because he dosn;t love me love is a lie a slie is alie a myth a fabrication a coneit love exisfs onyl in books like vampire sand werevwolves and they;'re not real thaey are the collected misinterprtation of varios uncnany inciedents and facts maed thr0ouhout countless genrations infinite individuals of an entire species and they vtrick themselves into believing in vampires and werewovles and love and love and lvoe is the last onethe one theyh won't not belive in evnt hough it's just as fake i know this i know this ive known this for a long long time